Welcome to Zuza’s Way Integrative Care, the practice of Dr. Dagmara Beine.

Dagmara Beine, PA-CAt Zuza’s Way Integrative Care, I work with individuals who are committed to taking charge of their health. I will be your medical consultant, lifestyle coach and health educator in order to teach and empower you in your quest for optimal health. Through a thorough medical assessment, your individual goals and an analysis of your current health, I will help you create health strategies that will last a lifetime.

I practice principals of both Functional and Integrative Medicine. These differ from traditional medicine in that they look at the root cause of the disease. To determine the root cause of your health concerns and create a personalized effective plan, I start with an extensive health history questionnaire. I also use conventional blood work, nutritional analysis, and other innovative screening tests to develop a highly personalized and targeted program that will help you achieve your optimal health.

A part of your personalized plan will be various modalities including whole food nutrition, sleep hygiene, exercise, supplements and lifestyle changes.

I wanted to create a practice where western medicine met functional/ integrative medicine. There are so many tools integrative medicine gives us that allows us to heal more naturally.

At Zuza’s Way, I want to empower you with knowledge and give you the right tools to make the best most informed decisions about your health.

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