My goal is to treat your child as I would each of my own – to shelter them from the harm of toxins in food and the environemnt and to maximize their own body’s health through good nutrition.

I’m a partner with you, the parents, to guide you through all the bumps along the parenting road. With vast experience from my own daughter now thriving as a cancer survivor, I bring an attentive and caring approach to the many issues that parents face, including feeding and nutrition, sleep issues, learning and school issues, family dynamics or any health issue.

I love diversity, and embrace all faiths and will work with your desired style of parenting. I’m passionate about preventing autism and other neuro developmental problems like ADHD that are now epidemic, and I have experience treating PANS and PANDAS.

Loving and caring parents – you are my heroes. Thank you for entrusting the care of your precious children to me. If they are ill or something is wrong, it is my job not to miss the big things.  My extensive training  and experience in Emergency medicine – will keep your child safe when acute illness strikes.  My use of integrative medicine will help prevent and find the root cause of any chronic disease.

I will always take the most non toxic, natural approach to healing your child.

I’m constantly learning and excited to bring you an integrative medicine approach blending the best of holistic, complementary, and alternative approaches with traditional medicine.

At Zuza’s Way Integrative Care, I work with people who are focused on assuming responsibility for their wellbeing. I will be your medical advisor, way of life mentor and wellbeing teacher to educate and engage you in looking for ideal wellbeing. Through an exhaustive therapeutic appraisal, your objectives and an examination of your present health, I will give you best integrative health services in Milwaukee.

I believe that I can give you the best integrative pediatric cancer support at my Integrative health care center in Milwaukee.

I think the real heroes are the loving and caring parents who bring their children to me. I am obliged to them for having faith in me and my Pediatric cancer support center.