Preconception/Postpartum Health

Naturally prepare your body for a strong pregnancy. Functional medicine is the natural fertility treatment we have been missing.  Infertility is often caused by health factors that you can address and fix. Fertility is a result of healthy body cells working in harmony to create an environment that can support a developing fetus. This depends on a good balance of hormones, nutrients, biochemistry, and reduced toxins. When any of these factors are not optimal, fertility can suffer, even if you otherwise feel healthy. Many couples are not aware that their internal environment is suboptimal for creating a healthy baby. If you are struggling with infertility, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get pregnant. Many women and men are able to take simple steps to optimize their cellular health, reverse infertility, and have a healthy, beautiful baby. I want to help you along this path.

Postpartum Health
Following delivery of your baby is it important to optimize recovery.  Post-Partum depression is very common and can be prevented with some natural supplements, nutrition and botanicals.   It is normal for women to experience a wide range of emotions. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, alone, in love, irritable, euphoric, connected, disoriented—or a combination of any or all of these emotions. However, women often feel guilt in expressing the myriad of emotions because there seems to be a belief that a woman should only feel a certain way after childbirth (utterly in love and grateful for a healthy baby). For this reason, women may not know that these feelings are normal because they haven’t heard any other new mothers talking about it. Sometimes women just need someone to talk to who will listen without judgment. Perhaps you would like some help navigating your birth experience, writing it down, talking about how beautiful it was or admitting frustrations if it did not go as planned. Many aspects of motherhood are not purely instinctual, but learned. It is crucial that a woman has support—from breastfeeding support to information about newborn characteristics to know what is to be expected–to alleviate some of these concerns.

Also Thyroiditis and thyroid problems are fairly common after pregnancy and should be evaluated.  Women often blame any unusual symptoms on fatigue and weight gain  on being a new mom but often times it can be Thyroid problems after pregnancy.